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gwynne giles

 beach studio


My next show.

The Artist Project 2019

Exhibition Place


Current exhibition at the Art Gallery of Hamilton

new directions in my art


Now that I have moved to entirely abstract pieces, I think that now I may have found my style.

The Artist Project was a huge success and I would like to thank everyone who helped with all parts of it - Cecily Bradshaw - Catherine Penny-Leslie Cowger - Jennifer Young and Joseph Bronzovic.


What is my  style?


I feel a very great affinity for painters of the 'de stijl' school, especially

Moss,Mondrian,van Doesburg and Gorin.


They have created art that is 


  • in primary colours

  • uses only straight lines

  • has no depth - so is two dimensional

  • creates rectangular/similar spaces

  • avoids the use of curved space





Although most of my paintings are in private collections -

- limited edition

-museum quality


-numbered prints are available.






beach studio,

1813 gerrard street east,

open tuesday to saturday

416 466 6159




remember last Summer


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